Please join us in our efforts to help victims and survivors of human trafficking and sexual abuse in the Netherlands fight to keep their rights and protect themselves against future abuse.  We are looking for original song submissions about injustice, healing, and hope to be sung out over this nation as a prophetic declaration of God’s heart and compassion for those who do not have a voice.  10 songs will be selected for an album.



- Population: 17.4 million

- Size: half of South Carolina

- 71% of online child abuse content is hosted in the Netherlands

- There are 2 times more bikes than cars in the Netherlands.

- Rotterdam has the biggest harbor of Europe 

- 7.5 million containers are handled in Rotterdam annually

- Only about 40 (0.5%) of them are being x-rayed

- Rotterdam Harbor: Transit hub for drugs and children

- The Netherlands is one of the most popular tax paradises in the world.

- Many multinationals have their address registered here as “postbox firms.”


On the beach boulevard of Scheveningen, for every passer-by to see, sculpture museum Beelden Aan Zee (Sculptures At Sea) has a permanent exhibition called “Fairytales at Sea.” It’s a blatant display of freemason and illuminati symbolism and brutal child abuse (photo series “ART at Beach Boulevard in Scheveningen - The Hague” and generic pics of Scheveningen in “Scheveningen” folder, which I sent today). For more explanation, check this link to my blog about it: https://illuminatethedarkness.com/2020/10/12/dutch-protest-against-child-trafficking-on-a-surreal-location/

Also more info on protest against child trafficking, pedophile rings and a new political party for pedophiles in the above link. (photo series “Protest against Trafficking and Political Party of Pedophiles”)

A group of Dutch pedophiles compiled and published a book with instructions for the grooming and sexually molesting children. This “pedophile handbook” caused a lot of controversy in the Netherlands and people wanted it to be forbidden. State Secretary of Justice, Ferd Grapperhaus (photo “State Secretary Grapperhaus”), looked into it and initially claimed that he couldn’t find anything in it that was against the law. The Dutch Congress had to force him to forbid it, though. Only recently, the book got forbidden.

In 2010, a political party of pedophiles was forbidden by the State of the Netherlands. August 2020, the same group of pedophiles started a new political party, named the PNVD. Some of their standpoint: legalize sex with children from all ages. Legalize sex with dead corpses. Legalize bestialities. The PNVD states that everyone who has tried or will try to forbid their political party, should be persecuted.

In June 2020, a Dutch investigative journalism program, Argos Radio, aired a documentary about Satanic Ritual Abuse  (photo “Graphic of Argos Radio - about Satanic Ritual Abuse”). The first time since about 15 years, that the Dutch media was doing an item about this subject. A background interview with one of the journalists was published, with English subtitles. https://www.vpro.nl/argos/lees/nieuws/2020/investigative-journalist-sanne-terlingen-about-ritual-abuse.html#


After this radio doc, two members of the Dutch Congress asked State Secretary of Justice, Ferd Grapperhaus, “parliamentary questions” about the situation in the Netherlands regarding this form of abuse.

The State Secretary was not willing to start an official investigation and he created a diversion on the day of the release of his negative answer, so no media would pick up on it.

The Congress Members didn’t let go, though. They demanded that a Congressional debate about SRA was planned.

That debate was cancelled last-minute.

The Congress Members eventually had to “sneak in” their parliamentary questions, on another debate. One of the questions was: “We are requesting a national investigation of Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Netherlands.”

Congress unanimously voted FOR that request! So a national investigation of Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Netherlands is actually going to take place!

Another fact in the Netherlands: the National Expert Group for Extraordinary Sexual Offences (the LEBZ) is an institution that goes through the testimony of a SRA victim, in order to determine if the police should really pursue the case, when a complaint was filed. This institution is closely interwoven with the police.

Almost always, the LEBZ is advising AGAINST further investigation.

Journalists of Argos Radio noticed that on the website of the LEBZ, the objective of the institution was displayed: “Our primary purpose is to make sure that people are not falsely accused of Ritual Abuse.”

The LEBZ is a gatekeepers’ nest.

Only three cases of this kind of abuse were investigated. No perpetrators were convicted.

The Congress Members I talked about before want the Government to investigate the LEBZ, and stop their evil practices. Voting in Congress still has to take place.

Some one-Tweet-testimonies about the situation in the Netherlands.

I was sexually assaulted and went to the police to press charges. They initially wouldn’t investigate the case. Only after I traced the perpetrator and gathered the evidence myself, my perpetrator was arrested. #AnonymousInTheNetherlands #IlluminateTheNetherlands


Dutch artist Juliaan Andeweg is accused of rape and violent assault by tens of his victims. Some pressed charges against him, but still there’s no conviction. The case is so shocking that the MSM have now decided to mention his name openly. #NOTanonymous #IlluminateTheNetherlands


The Netherlands is half the size of South-Carolina. A small country. Yet, in ten years’ time, 2500 foreign children disappeared from our Asylum Centers. Nobody knows exactly where they have gone to. Child trafficking is definitely a factor in this. #IlluminateTheNetherlands


The longer the stalking of my rapist continued, the less the police was willing to help & protect me. Another girl in my neighborhood was stalked, by her ex-boyfriend. The police also refused to help her. She was murdered. I had to move to a secret location. #IlluminateTheNetherlands